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Rice Husk to Charcoal Machine Installed in Colombia in 2024

Sharing some good news with everyone. A set of BST-50 Beston rice husk to charcoal making machine is currently being installed in Colombia in early 2024. This equipment can process 10-15m³ of rice husks per hour. With the guidance of engineers, the installation of this device is nearing completion. Let’s take a look at on-site installation photos together.

Rice Husk to Charcoal Machine Installed in Colombia in 2024
Rice Husk to Charcoal Machine Installed in Colombia in 2024

Rice Husk to Charcoal Machine Installed in Colombia in 2024

Here is the basic information about this project:

  • Equipment Configuration: This customer has chosen the standard BST-50 model (rice husk pyrolysis reactor,de-dusting module, syn gas recovery system, and water-cooling discharging system). In addition, considering that the moisture content of the raw materials may exceed 15%, this customer has purchased a dryer.
  • Raw Materials: Rice husks have a moisture content of approximately 13% and small particle size. The raw materials are sourced from agricultural waste on farms.
  • End Products: The biomass rice husk charcoal will be used for barbecue and soil improvement.

Beston Rice Husk to Charcoal Machine Installed in Colombia in 2024

Rice Husk to Charcoal – Agriculture Waste Recycling Solution

Rice, as one of the globally significant food crops, is extensively cultivated worldwide. Rice husk, a primary agricultural waste from rice, is often accumulated or burned by many agricultural practitioners. Both of these methods cause exacerbating climate change. The large accumulation of rice husk releases greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants. Burning rice husk contributes to air pollution. Therefore, recyclers need an environmentally friendly method for rice husk recycling.

Pyrolysis is an eco-friendly approach to recycle rice husk. Through pyrolysis, rice husk can be efficiently converted into biomass rice husk charcoal under high temperature and low oxygen conditions. Water and exhaust gases generated during pyrolysis are treated separately. Consequently, the entire process is resource-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Rice Husk to Charcoal by Using Rice Hull Charcoal Making Machine

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