Wood Pellet Machine for Sale

Wood pellet machine for sale uses different kinds of wood to make pellets as fuel. Because of its environmental-friendly and high-return features, this kind of machine has been widely applied. Beston offers four models to process 1-3 tons of wood. Besides, fast shipment and installation are available.

Wood Pellet Machine for Sale
Beston Wood Pellet Machine for Sale

Parameters of Wood Pellet Mill for Sale with Electricity Motor

Model Capacity T/H Power(KW) Ring Die Diameter(mm) Pellet Machine(mm) Jiaolong Silo(mm) Conveyor(mm) Dust Removal(mm)
BKL-10 1—1.5 75KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-20 1.5—2 90KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-25 2—2.5 110KW 576 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-30 2.5—3 132KW 596 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600

Raw Materials & Final Wood Pellets & Application

Raw Materials & Final Wood Pellets

Wood in different shapes or different kinds all can be pelletized into pellets, for example, wood logs, round wood, wood branches, wood chips, wood shavings. Use pellet machine to make high-profit pellets now.


Final wood pellets can be widely used as fuel. It has the following features:
Wood pellets have a small size. It is to transport and store.
It has a high heating value, which can reach 3000-4000 kcal/kg.

Wood Pellets

Advantages of Beston Wood Pellets Machines

1.Suitable for All Kinds of Biomass – Ring Die Type

Wood pellet makers Beston Group offers are ring die types. In general, they are suitable for all kinds of biomass.

Ring Dies of Beston Wood Pellet Making Machine

2.Easy to Manage – Enclosed feeding and discharging system

This machine has enclosed automatic feeding and discharger. Firstly, it is easy to manage. Secondly, it makes the environment clean.

3.No Dust Flying – Cyclone Dust Collector

This wood pellet mill is equipped with cyclone dust collector to remove dust in the process. Accordingly, the site’s environment is easy to clean.

4.High Efficiency – Integration System with Push-button Management

Start this wood pelletizer with push button. Its operation is simple.

5.Automatic Lubrication

Beston Group offers timing and quantitative automatic lubricating oil supplying system. Its operation and maintenance are easy for workers.

Parts of Wood Pellet Mill
Cyclone Dust Collector & PLC & Conveyor & Silo

Beston Wood Pellet Machine Video

Wood Pellet Making Machine Projects in Thailand & America

Wood Pellet Making Mill in the Thailand and America
Wood Pellet Making Mill in the Thailand and America

What Factors Determine Wood Pellet Machine Price

The most key factors influence price of wood pellet machines for sale are quality and services.

Good Materials

This machine has a long service life because it is made by good materials, for example, Q235B steel (machine body), 20CrMoTi (mould). Besides, heating treatment makes the spare parts have good resistance.


Offer customized layout (3-5 working days) when a customer sent a detailed message to us.

Post-sales service guarantee.

Online installation guidance and offline installation service (10-15 working days)

Training (3-5 working days) and tracking service (180 days) are available.

12-month long-term Guarantee.

Beston Service

Wood Fuel Pellet Making Machine Project Analysis

Model Capacity(T) Power Consumption Electricity Unit Price Power Cost (RMB) Manual Larbor Cost Drying(RMB) Maintenance Raw Materials Management Cost Sales Price Gross Profit (RMB/H)
BKL-10 1 75 kw 1 Yuan 75 50 Yuan 50 10 Yuan 300 Yuan 100 Yuan 800 Yuan 215
BKL-20 2 90 kw 1 Yuan 90 50 Yuan 100 20 Yuan 600 Yuan 100 Yuan 1600 Yuan 640
BKL-25 2.5 110 kw 1 Yuan 110 50 Yuan 130 20 Yuan 750 Yuan 100 Yuan 2000 Yuan 840
BKL-30 3 132 kw 1 Yuan 132 50 Yuan 150 30 Yuan 900 Yuan 100 Yuan 2400 Yuan 1038
Profits Ayalysis from Beston Wood Pellet Maker
Profits Ayalysis from Beston Wood Pellet Maker

Wood Pellet Making Process

Crush raw materials into 2-5 mm particlesDry materials until their water are under 10%

Deliver materials into wood pellet mill machine.

Cyclone dust collector removes dust in wood pellet making process.

Finally, wood pellets are made and broke automatically from a ring die. View Youtube video there.

Wood Pellet Making Process

FAQs of Wood Pellet Maker for Sale:

  • 1. How Long is the Mould’s service life?Both sides of molds can be applied. It has a long time service life and helps customers to save a part of the cost.
  • 2. Is there any requirement for the raw materials when feeding?Generally, the size of materials in the range of 2-5 mm. The moisture below than 10%. Thus, the final result would be good.
  • 3. Does Beston have Certificates?CE and ISO.

Wood pellet making machine for sale is a good option when customers do this wood pellet making business. It is easy to operate and maintain. Moreover, customers also can get returns from final quality products quickly. Beston has some cases in America, Thailand, etc. Sometimes, Beston offers some discounts. Contact us now.

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