Pellet Machine for Sale

Pellet machine for sale produces biomass pellets with various diameters 6-16mm in a quick and efficient way. Beston offers an electric type, which is eco-friendly. When customers choose biomass pellets as fuel, they also choose low-carbon life. We arrange quick shipment for customers. Moreover, we also provide a factory layout plan and other related processing machines. Just leave your need for us.

Beston Pellet Machine for Sale
Beston Pellet Machine for Sale Produces Pellets with 6-16mm Diameter

Parameters of Beston Pellet Making Machine for Sale

Model Capacity T/H Power(KW) Ring Die Diameter(mm) Pellet Machine(mm) Jiaolong Silo(mm) Conveyor(mm) Dust Removal(mm)
BKL-10 1—1.5 75KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-20 1.5—2 90KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-25 2—2.5 110KW 576 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
BKL-30 2.5—3 132KW 596 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
Pellet Mill
Beston Pellet Mill for Sale
African Customer Visited Besotn Pellet Making Machine
African Customer Visited Besotn Pellet Making Machine

Raw Materials & Final Products

Many biomass waste can be made to pellet as the fuel, for example, sawdust, wood, rice husk, straw, corn stalk, cotton stalk, peanut shell, branch, furfural residue and manure. Biomass pellet has high Calorific value and small volume. It is easy to transport. Tell us what raw material you plan to make pellets.

Biomass Waste and Pellets

Application of Pellets

Nowadays, pellets have wide applications because of the no-pollution feature. The most major usage of pellets is as fuel. It can be used to heat a living stove, heating stove, industrial boilers, biomass electricity factory, etc. It has a small volume. However, their calorific value is three times even five times than the unpressed biomass.

Advantages of Pellet Maker

Vertical Ring Die Production with Electricity

Generally, this kind of production method is suitable for all of biomass. Biomass powder enters into pelletizing room. And it is distributed evenly around the mould. Besides, it is more environmental-friendly and economical to use electricity as power.

Timed Quantification System for Automatic Lubrication

Lubricate the roller bearings automatically in a timed quantification way. It can work in 24 hours without stop. There is no need to add a labor force to maintain it. This part saves manual cost and management cost. The pellet maker machine for sale will have a longer life time.

Fully Sealed Feeding and Discharging System

The whole process is fully sealed, including the feeding process, making process and discharging process. This makes the factory workshop clean. Besides, in the pelletizing process, pellets can break and discharge automatically.

Pellet Mill for Sale

Cyclone Dust Collector

Cyclone dust collector cleans the dust in the pellet manufacturing process.

Simple Layout

This pellet production line has simple layout. It is easy to operate and maintein.

The Craft of Wear-out Parts

The wear-out parts adopt heat treatment, which has good hardness and durability.

Parts of Pellet Making Machine

Services We Offer for Pellet Making Machine

Beston offers free factory design when customers have a factory to do this pellet making business.
We offer installment guidance online. Our professional engineers will instruct you to install this machine at any time.
Arrange shipment in 20 working days when you order one pellet mill die. Schedule delivery in 25-40 working days when you order more than five machines. Besides, if you order other auxiliary equipment, extra 5-10 working days are needed.

Beston Service

How to Choose Pellet Mill Machine

Make Sure Raw Materials

When you buy this pellet mill equipment, tell us what raw material you plan to employ. Besides, the raw materials need to be processed 2-5mm powder. And the water content is no more than 10%

Options for Mould

Two factors influence the selection of mold. The first one is the raw materials. Biomass has a different density and tenacity. For getting good pellets with a suitable diameter, consult us in advance. The second one is the final application of pellets. Normally, the fuel is widely applied in daily life. The demand for pellets size is different. If you have doubt when Using this pellet manufacturing machine, contact us to get more details.

Demand for other Related Machine

Learn about local Industrial AC voltage. Beston pelletizer for sale is equipped with a high-power engine. In some countries, customers need to customize power.

Crushing Machine and Drying Machine

Profits Got from Beston Pellet Maker for Sale

Model Capacity(T) Power Consumption Electricity Unit Price Power Cost (RMB) Manual Larbor Cost Drying(RMB) Maintenance Raw Materials Management Cost Sales Price Gross Profit (RMB/H)
BKL-10 1 75 kw 1 Yuan 75 50 Yuan 50 10 Yuan 300 Yuan 100 Yuan 800 Yuan 215
BKL-20 2 90 kw 1 Yuan 90 50 Yuan 100 20 Yuan 600 Yuan 100 Yuan 1600 Yuan 640
BKL-25 2.5 110 kw 1 Yuan 110 50 Yuan 130 20 Yuan 750 Yuan 100 Yuan 2000 Yuan 840
BKL-30 3 132 kw 1 Yuan 132 50 Yuan 150 30 Yuan 900 Yuan 100 Yuan 2400 Yuan 1038

Making Profits from Beston Pellet Mill Machine

Pellet Mill for Sale

How to Work When Using Pellet Maker Machine

Preparation Work

Check every part whether in the right place; Make sure there is nothing else in the silo and granulation room; Check electric pellet machine, Jiaolong silo, dial and conveyor whether in the right direction.

Test Run

When first running, use wood chips with waste engine oil to make pellets. And feed wood chips before pellet production every time. Besides, when production finishes, investors also need to feed wood chips with engine oil. This step makes sure that mould is filled with oily materials.

Pellet Making Process

Turn on the following device in order: gear pump, main motor, butter pump, feeding motor, jiaolong motor. First, justify the rotary speed of Jiaolong engine to the lowest condition. Then turn up its rotary speed gradually.

Biomass powder is transported to Jiaolong silo through a screw feeder. Then the powder is felled into the pelletizing room. Through pressed by pressure wheel, pellets are made.

Finally, after the production process and feeding oily materials, turn off the following device in order: feeding motor, Jiaolong motor, main motor, gear pump, setting gauge, butter pump. View the following videos about this pellets machine.

Pellet making machine for sale with the integrated system has high efficiency in a short time. Because of the cyclone dust collector, there is no dust flying in the manufacturing site. Beston offers ring die type with electricity consumption. Besides, we also provide other related machines, like crushing machines, drying machines, cooling machines, packing machines at an inexpensive price. Welcome to see these machines in a Beston manufacturing factory.

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