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Next Stop, Malaysia: Pyrolysis Plant Completes Production

Here is the production progress update from the factory! Production of 3 sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant has been completed. They are ready for shipment to Malaysia. During the equipment production process, we continue to update our Malaysian customers on the manufacturing progress. We have communicated the delivery time with the customer and will update the relevant information later. Below are some details about this project for your reference.

Basic Information on Pyrolysis Plant Shipped to Malaysia

After obtaining the needs of this Malaysian customer, our technical team began to design the equipment configuration plan. After continuous communication and optimization, the final solution satisfied the Malaysian customer. The following is the basic information of the equipment:

  • Raw Materials: medical waste plastic, oil sludge;
  • Waste Source: locally acquired;
  • Recycling Solution: pyrolysis oil production;
  • Use of Pyrolysis Oil: to provide energy for incineration equipment;
  • Equipment Model: 3 sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plants;
  • Feeding Method: screw feeder;
  • Condensation Method: 3-in-1 condenser;
  • Emission Treatment Method: high-end exhaust gas treatment system;
  • Equipment Installation Method: on-site installation guidance.
Screw Feeder of Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Malaysia
Screw Feeder
3-in-1 Condenser of Pyrolysis Machine Shipped to Malaysia
3-in-1 Condenser

Key Factors for the Malaysian Customer to Choose Beston Group

When it comes to why this Malaysian client chose Beston Group, the professionalism we displayed throughout the entire project was essential. In general, two main factors impress this customer.

Professional Technical Team

The customer hopes we can provide detailed pyrolysis plant configuration information. Our team of engineers has professional design capabilities. This enables us to provide detailed dimensional layout drawings and platform drawings, as well as corresponding installation accessories according to customer needs. This ensures smooth implementation of subsequent installation.

Environmental Support

Beston Group met the expectations of this Malaysian customer in terms of environmental protection. The customer’s local emission standards are high. We provide high-end exhaust dust removal systems. This enables the treated exhaust gas to meet EU standards. In addition, we provide relevant information to assist clients in obtaining local environmental impact assessment approval.

Pyrolysis Machinery Shipped to Malaysia to Process Plastic&Oil Sludge

Work with Beston Group

In the current environment advocating for recycling, pyrolysis plant is a promising investment choice. If you have a business plan for solid waste recycling, whether it is oil sludge, plastic, tyre or biomass, please contact us. Beston Group looks forward to cooperating with you.

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