Join 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition with Beston in June 2023

Join 31st EUBCE with Beston in June 2023

Good news! Beston will be participating in the 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE 2023). This exhibition will show the latest biomass technology innovations and industry information. If you are interested in this exhibition or will visit this exhibition, you can contact Beston Group in advance. Together we can explore opportunities for global environmental development. Please see the basic information about the Beston team attending the conference:

Schedule: 5-8 June 2023 for Conference & Exhibition; 9 June 2023 for technical tours.

Address: In person, online, Bologna, Italy.

Participation process: Online or offline visits require registration to obtain a pass. Beston has been given a pass.


  • Henry He (General Manager)
  • Zoe Zhang (General Manager of International Business)
  • Frank Wang (Project consultant)
  • Garrett Guo (Project consultant)
  • Alicia Wen (Project consultant)
  • Mia Ren (Project consultant)

    Beston Products in Conference & Exhibition: Biomass carbonization plant (Also called biochar making machine)

    Join 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition with Beston in June 2023

    Why Do Beston Join 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition?

    In recent years, international oil prices have continued to rise. And people are looking for new alternative fuels. At the same time, governments are increasingly concerned about carbon dioxide emissions. And some governments have issued some incentive policies. Beston biomass charcoal making machine can convert biomass waste into biochar. First of all, this equipment helps to recycle biomass waste. Second, this machine could help with carbon sequestration. Finally, the biochar produced by this equipment can be used in a variety of ways. Biochar can be used in industry, agriculture, forestry, and life. Therefore, more and more customers will apply Beston’s products.

    Continuous Charcoal Making Machine

    Focus on Six Topics in 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

    The topics discussed at this meeting mainly focus on the following six aspects. Beston biomass pyrolysis equipment and carbonization solutions are relevant to each topic. If you are interested in Beston’s products, you can attend this exhibition to learn more information.

    • Sustainable resources for decarbonising the economy
    • Sustainability impacts and policies
    • Biomass, bio-based products and bioenergy integrations
    • Biomass conversion for bioenergy
    • Biomass conversion to intermediate bioenergy carriers and sustainable biofuels
    • Biomass conversion to bio-based products and chemicals

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