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Installation of Wood Pyrolysis Plant Progresses Smoothly in USA

Beston Group updates you with the latest project news. Our American customer’s wood recycling project has made new progress. A set of BST-30 wood pyrolysis plant is successfully transported to the customer’s site and the installation officially begins. Under the guidance of Beston’s installation engineer, the machine’s installation goes quite smoothly. Below are pictures from the project site for your reference.

Install BST-30 Wood Pyrolysis Plant in USA

Details of Wood Pyrolysis Plant in USA

  • Model: BST-30 biochar pyrolysis equipment;
  • Optional Components: dryer + oil-gas condenser;
  • Recycled Biomass Type: wood processing waste;
  • Biocal use: Soil Improvement;
  • Equipment Delivery Time: April 2024;
  • Equipment Installation Time: June 2024;
  • Installation Method: on-site installation guidance.
Condenser&Emission Treatment System of Wood Charcoal Machine in USA
Condenser&Emission Treatment System
Main Furnace of Wood Pyrolysis Plant in USA
Main Furnace
Dryer of Wood Pyrolysis Machine in USA

Installation Process of Wood Pyrolysis Plant in USA

Transportation & Unloading

First, the machine is transported from the USA port to the project site for unloading. Beston assists American customers with precise logistics planning. This ensures the wood biochar equipment is not damaged during transportation. Using a dedicated flatbed truck to transport the machine to ensure the safety and stability. After arriving at the site, the loading and unloading team uses cranes and forklifts to safely unload the equipment to the designated location. This ensures the entire process is smooth and orderly.

Assembly & Welding

Next, assemble and weld the various parts of the machine. Since our technical team has assisted American customers in plant layout planning and infrastructure construction, the process progressed quickly. Beston installation engineers assisted customers in accurately allocating installation personnel for each type of work. They strictly followed the design drawings and installation manuals. This ensures accurate installation and placement of each component.


After completing the foundation installation, commission begins. This stage is a key step to ensure the normal operation of wood pyrolysis plant. The installation engineer will check the working status of each component one by one, troubleshoot possible problems, and make corresponding adjustments. After completing the commissioning work, the American customers can officially put the equipment into production. We assist customers in establishing a professional project operation team for subsequent production.

Component of Wood Pyrolysis Plant in USA

Start Your Wood Recycling Project with Beston Group

Beston Group’s wood pyrolysis plant is an excellent solution for wood recycling. If you are also troubled by the large amount of waste wood disposal, consult Beston Group. We will work with you to meet and solve the challenges.

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