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Installation of Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia Progresses Smoothly

Latest news from our customer’s project site in Malaysia! Under the guidance of Beston’s installation engineers, the installation of 3 sets of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plants is basically completed. These equipments are used to process oil sludge & medical waste plastic. After the installation is completed, the 3 sets of pyrolysis machines will enter the commissioning stage. Below are pictures from the project site for your reference.

Installation of Pyrolysis Plant in Malaysia Progresses Smoothly

Configuration Plans for 3 Sets of Pyrolysis Plants in Malaysia

Customized services have always been the core competitiveness of Beston Group. Taking into account the production needs and emission standards of Malaysian customers, we provided the following configuration plan for this customer:

  • Equipment Model: 3 sets of BLJ-16 oil sludge & waste plastic pyrolysis plant;
  • Feeding System: screw feeder;
  • Condensation System: 3-in-1 condenser;
  • Discharge System: 3 water-cooled dischargers;
  • Tail Gas Treatment System: high-end exhaust gas treatment equipment;
Reactor for Pyrolysis Equipment in Malaysia
Reactor for Pyrolysis Equipment in Malaysia
3-in-1 Condenser for Pyrolysis Machine in Malaysia
3-in-1 Condenser for Pyrolysis Machine in Malaysia

Reasons for Smooth Installation of Pyrolysis Equipment in Malaysia

During the installation process of the pyrolysis machine, the Malaysian customer was very satisfied with Beston Group’s professional installation support. In fact,The smooth progress of the installation can be attributed to the two key factors:

Thorough Pre-installation Preparation

Before installation, Beston technical team will provide detailed layout drawings, foundation drawings, PID drawings, etc. to Malaysian customers in advance. These comprehensive blueprints serve as guidance documents, allowing the customer in Malaysia to efficiently prepare necessary civil engineering works such as foundations, pools and other infrastructure. In addition, we also assist Malaysian customers to prepare necessary installation accessories of the pyrolysis equipment. These pre-installation efforts reduce potential schedule delays.

Precise Installation Guidance

Professional guidance during the installation process is crucial to the smooth progress of the project. During the installation process, Beston installation engineers assisted the Malaysian customer in allocating workers of different types of work. Through efficient dispatching of manpower, the installation progress is ensured in an orderly manner. In addition, we assist customers with technical issues that arise during installation. Only after technical adjustments have been made, the installation of the equipment continues.

Installation of Pyrolysis Machine for Sale in Malaysia to Process Oil Sludge and Plastic
3 Sets of Pyrolysis Plants Installed in Malaysia

Cooperation with Beston Group on Pyrolysis Project

Before these 3 sets of pyrolysis plants in Malaysia are officially put into production, we will assist customers in equipment debugging and trial operation. Please stay tuned for updates on project progress. If you want to start your own waste pyrolysis project, choosing Beston Group is the best choice. Our rich experience and advanced technology can provide you with all-round support.

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