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Installation of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Plant in Paraguay in 2023

Good news. A BLJ-3 Beston mobile pyrolysis plant is being installed in Paraguay in 2023. This equipment will assist this customer in recycling tires and converting them into locally usable fuel. In this way, the fuel oil can help alleviate local energy shortages. Once this equipment is operational, it can process 1-3 tons of tires into pyrolysis oil every day.

Installation of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Plant in Paraguay in 2023
Installation of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Plant in Paraguay in 2023

Installation of Beston Mobile Pyrolysis Plant in Paraguay in 2023

This mobile tyre pyrolysis equipment is designed with modular pack. Over 80% of the installation work has been completed before shipping. After a short period of installation, the equipment is essentially fully installed. With successful debugging, this machine is about to be put into operation.

The installation work completed before leaving the factory mainly includes the main reactor, the three-in-one machine, and the de-dusting system.

Installation of Mobile Pyrolysis Plant in Paraguay in 2023

Benefits of Tyre Pyrolysis in Paraguay

Paraguay boasts abundant renewable energy. The energy is primarily derived from hydroelectric power, covering over 90% of the country’s population. However, the nation lacks petroleum resources and heavily relies on petroleum imports. Pyrolysis technology provides a pathway to obtain fuel oil. It offering various benefits to the local community:

  • Alleviating the local petroleum shortage issue and reducing dependence on imported oil.
  • Achieving the reduction of waste from used tires. This contributes to environmental solutions.
  • Driving the development of the local tire industry and creating opportunities for economic growth and employment. This not only aids in improving tire recycling rates but also promotes the principles of sustainable development.

Benefits of Waste Tyre Pyrolysis in Paraguay

In Paraguay, local hydroelectric power provides a significant amount of clean energy for the region. However, the availability of fuel oil resources is relatively limited. Pyrolysis technology can assist in meeting the local demand for oil products. If you require pyrolysis services, please consult with Beston Group. We will offer you comprehensive solutions, including pre-treatment and exhaust gas treatment.

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