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Installation Acceptance of Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China in 2023

Four sets of BLJ-16 TDUs (Thermal Desorption Units) were installed and debugged in Hubei in 2023. The installation was successfully accepted. These four sets of equipment will be used subsequently to process a large amount of oil sludge. They not only convert waste oil sludge into non-polluting materials but also refine the extracted oil into alternative energy sources. Please refer to the installation details of this case.

Installation Acceptance of Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China in 2023
Installation Acceptance of Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China in 2023

Installation Acceptance of Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China in 2023

These four sets of thermal desorption equipment were smoothly installed under the guidance of Beston engineers. Our engineers provided technical expertise, drawings, and guidance on environmental and safety assessments to this customer. This instilled great confidence and trust in Beston Group throughout the service and the installation process. As evident from the following pictures, the entire project was well-planned, and the site was kept tidy. This customer has expressed high commendation for our work.

Installation Acceptance of Beston Thermal Desorption Unit in Hubei, China in 2023

Oil Sludge Treatment – TDU

Oil sludge is typically generated from activities such as crude oil extraction, oil field gathering and transportation, refineries, steel smelting, shipbuilding, and more. These oil sludges result from the mixing of crude oil with soil or other solids. The oil within these sludges cannot be directly recovered, and this type of oil sludge can cause various forms of environmental pollution. Pyrolysis is an effective and non-polluting method for treating oil sludge. This method has the following benefits:

  • No emission of wastewater and residue water from waste oil.
  • Emissions from exhaust gases meet regulatory standards after treatment.
  • Installation engineers conduct professional installation and debugging at the installation site. Beston engineers help to estimate installation risks related to safety and environmental impact, and passing local safety and environmental assessments in one go.
  • This project is eligible for government subsidies.

Oil Sludge Treatment - TDU

When you need a harmless way to handle oil sludge, consider this oil sludge pyrolysis equipment. Beston Group will provide detailed and specific solutions based on the oil sludge you need to treat. This ensures that the final pyrolysis results meet your expectations. Please leave your information to customize your solution.

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