How to Make Biochar

There are many ways to make biochar, including simple ways and mechanized ways. This article introduces two ways to make biochar. Of course, it is essential to make biochar in a safe way. After making biochar, a safe storage method is also essential. Then the biochar can be used for soil. Please see the details.

How to Make Biochar

Step 1: Choose the Suitable Biomass Waste to Make Biochar

When you are ready to make biochar, prepare enough organic biomass. The raw materials commonly used to make biochar are wood, branches, fruit shells, bamboo, garden waste, agricultural waste, forestry waste, and so on. When selecting these raw materials, pay attention to their size and moisture. Each charcoal production method has different requirements for moisture and size.

Choose the Suitable Biomass Waste to Make Biochar

Step 2: Choose the Suitable Manufacturing Methods

Two methods are mainly introduced here. The two processes for making biochar are different and require different tools and techniques. Both approaches have pros and cons.

Easy Method for Making Biochar

The simple way here refers to producing biochar with a simple device. When doing this, make sure there are no fire bans in the area. Please see the details:

  • Space: an open place. No weeds around, no combustibles.
  • Tools: Shovels, buckets/holes, fire starters, storage containers, water/fire extinguishers, protective safety gear, etc.
  • Weather: No rain, no strong wind.
  • Raw material requirements: Biomass moisture is less than 20%.

Biochar manufacturing method:

  1. Dig a tapered trench in the open space. The size of the groove is determined by the size and quantity of raw materials. If you are producing biochar this way for the first time, it is not recommended to dispose of too much raw material. If you don’t dig a trench, you can use a cylindrical metal barrel or a metal kiln instead.
  2. Put safety gear around. Make sure you have them when you need them.
  3. Feed the biomass into pits or containers. Put some flammable material on top.
  4. Use a lighter to light a fire.
  5. Once all the biomass has been turned into biochar by anaerobic combustion, the biochar is watered. This can ensure that the biochar will not spontaneously ignite due to high temperature and oxygen.
  6. Biomass charcoal is made into granules or powders in some ways.

Simple Method for Making Biochar

Mechanized Method for Making Biochar

This method refers to the production of biochar by sophisticated machines and precise parameters. Please see the details:

  • Space: The space is large enough to put down the equipment.
  • Tools: biochar equipment.
  • Weather: None required.
  • Raw materials: Biomass moisture is less than 15%.

Biochar making methods:

  1. Make sure that the test run of the device is successful.
  2. Put the qualified biomass into the main furnace. Preheat the main furnace with diesel oil.
  3. When the temperature in the main furnace reaches above 150 degrees Celsius, the biomass in the furnace begins to react. When the temperature reaches 200 to 300 degrees, biochar is formed. From the furnace to the formation of biochar, the whole process takes 15-25 minutes.
  4. After the biochar is formed, the biochar is discharged through the water-cooled slagging equipment. The temperature can reach 30 degrees.

Use Biochar Machine to Make Biochar

Easy Biochar Making Method VS Mechanized Biochar Making Method

Methods Easy Method Mechanized Method
Advantages The advantages of producing biochar in this way are low cost and easy operation.
  • The quality of biochar is high and uniform.
  • The whole production process is safe.
  • Low technical requirements for operators.
  • The production process has no pollution to the environment.
  • The quality of biochar cannot be guaranteed. If the operator is experienced, then the quality of the charcoal may be about the same. If not, the quality of charcoal is affected by many factors, for example, temperature, weather, amount of raw material processed, etc.
  • There are potential safety hazards for operators and the surrounding environment. If the operator is scalded due to inexperience or other reasons or a fire occurs, it will be a disaster for the operator and the local environment.
  • Flue gas pollutes the atmosphere. In the process of biochar production, the flue gas produced is directly discharged into the atmosphere without treatment.
    Fourth, the quality of biochar produced in this way is not uniform. Therefore, they should only be used for specific purposes.
  • The cost of charcoal making equipment is higher than that of the simple method.
  • The site area requirement is larger than that of the simple method.
  • The establishment of equipment needs to meet the requirements of the local environmental protection government.

Easy Biochar Making Method VS Biochar Making Machine to Make Biochar

Step 3: Choose the Suitable Biochar Storage Methods

When the production of biochar is completed, it is necessary to store the biochar in an appropriate way. When storing biochar, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Avoid high temperatures. Biochar should be kept in a cool place.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will increase the temperature and cause spontaneous combustion.
  • Store in a sealed and dry place. This way moisture absorption and mold growth are prevented.

Choose the Suitable Biochar Storage Methods

Step 4: Choose the Suitable Biochar Application Methods

One of the most important uses of biochar is its application to the soil. It can help improve soil nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.), improve pH, retain moisture, and more. When the soil is added with the right amount of biochar, crop yields are also improved. Therefore, biochar has a huge role to play in agriculture.

Beston Biochar Soil Remediation

When you want to produce biochar, it is important to choose a safe and effective method. If you want to make biochar more versatile, you need to control various indicators in the charcoal manufaturing process. There is no easy way to do this. Choose the appropriate method according to your needs.

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