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Delivery of Biochar Production Equipment to Australia Goes Smoothly

Here come the good news! Beston Group has shipped a set of BST-50 biochar production equipment to Australia. The machine is loaded directly from Beston’s factory and shipped to the port. The whole delivery process goes smooth. At the same time, our after-sales team updated the Australian customer on the delivery status of the machine in time. Below are pictures from the delivery site.

Delivery of Biochar Production Equipment to Australia Goes Smoothly

Food Processing Waste Recycling Solutions from Beston Group

This Australian customer is engaged in the food processing industry. Inevitably, the accumulation of a large amount of waste biomass from food processing caused trouble to this customer, especially almond shells. These wastes occupy lot of space in the customer’s factory. Not only that, long-term accumulation also produces bad odors. Therefore, tb his customer found the Beston Group, hoping to obtain a large-scale recycling method for these waste biomass. Our team provides customers with the most suitable configuration and process solutions.

  • Customer Demand: large-scale reduction of almond shells;
  • Our Solution: biochar production through biomass pyrolysis technology;
  • Equipment Involved: BST-50 biomass pyrolysis machine;
  • Configuration: standard configuration + dryer + closed combustion main furnace;
  • Biochar Application Direction: feed additive, soil improvement, carbon sink.

Biochar Maker Shipped to Australia in 2024

Shipment of Biochar Machine Shipped to Australia Goes Smoothly

Why Australian customers choose to work with Beston Group

We are committed to providing professional technical support and open communication. Therefore, Australian customers choose us for the biochar production project. Here are some points that impressed customers during the project progress:

Comprehensive Technical Support

  • Before the project, we will assist customers with professional material testing. This includes the initial moisture size of almond shells, as well as the various properties of the finished biochar. This is the basis for the initial assessment of the feasibility of the project and the optimization of the configurable solution.
  • In addition, based on the area and location of the customer’s production site, our technical team customizes the layout of the biochar production line. And it is continuously optimized according to the needs of the customer. This ensures that the customer is fully prepared before installation.

Customer-centric Concept

  • Throughout the project, we maintaine close communication with the customer through multiple online and offline meetings. Our team was always available to answer questions and concerns to ensure that the suggestions and needs of the Australian customer are met.
  • We invite Australian customers to visit Beston’s factory for an on-site field trip. There they could see the quality of biochar equipment and the biochar output with their own eyes. This commitment to transparency further strengthens our determination to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Australian Customer Orders Biochar Machine from Beston Group

Work with Beston Group

Once the biochar production equipment is delivered to the customer site, it will enter the installation phase. Our installation engineers will travel to Australia to provide guidance. We will update you with the latest news at that time. Are you facing similar challenges with food processing waste biomass? Contact Beston Group today to find out how a biochar production equipment can transform your waste into a profitable and environmentally friendly solution.

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