A Customer from Burundi Visited Beston Group in February 2023

Customers from Burundi Visited Beston in February 2023

On February 13, 2023, customers from Burundi visited Beston factory and company to check the equipment and explore potential cooperation opportunities. He visited Beston factory to test the carbonization equipment. The customers brought a unique sample that needed to be carbonized and tested by Beston. The purpose of the visit was to achieve smokeless combustion through carbonization, which is a …

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Beston Business Trip to Indonesia from Feb 19th to March 08th, 2023

A Business Trip to Indonesia from Feb 19th to March 08th, 2023

Indonesia is a country with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and an abundance of natural resources. However, like many other countries around the world, Indonesia is also facing significant environmental challenges. To address these challenges, Beston, a leading manufacturer of environmental equipment, will be visiting Indonesia from February 19th to March 8th, 2023, to meet with loyal customers and …

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Beston Activity Banner 2022.6


    COUNTDOWN     days hours minutes seconds Promotions Plans Free online installation guidance; Free wearing parts for 1 year; Free accessories; Place an order and enjoy one time lucky draw; First order will get the newest MacBook Pro for free. Enjoy a Lucky Draw! 01 First-class Prizes: Huawei Nova 9 Pro (256GB, valued at RMB3399) Apple watch (45mm, valued at RMB3199) IpadOS …


Sample Test of Beston Charcoal Making Machine

Sample Test of Beston Charcoal Making Machine

In May 2022, a customer contacted Beston and expressed interest in Beston charcoal making machine. This customer wanted to use Beston charcoal making equipment to test the quality of the final carbonized charcoal. The raw material is biomass pellets. Then he would consider the cooperation. So Beston arranged this sample test. Details of Sample Test The carbonized samples this time …

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Beston March expo banner

March EXPO is Coming

Event Programme PYROLYSIS PLANT Recycling Plastic/Tyre/Rubber/Oil Sludge into Fuel Oil Activity1: Gift Giving Activity2: Cash Coupon Giveaway Activity3: Give Back to Old Customers Buy a set of BLL-30 pyrolysis plant and will get a ring cutting machine for free; Buy a set of BLJ-16 pyrolysis plant and will get a Huawei P50 mobile phone (worth RMB4988) for free; Buy any …

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Final Discount is Coming

In order to thank customers for their support and attention to Beston for the past year, Beston holds this year-end discount event! We have set different discount strengths for each hot product for sale. Activity theme: Final Discount is Coming! Promotion period: 2021.12.15 – 2022.1.15 Programme of activities: · New order Before 2022.1.15: free spare parts for one year; · …

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Checking of Beston Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

South Korean Customer Checked Waste Pyrolysis Equipment

South Korean customer arrived at Beston manufacturing plant to check his order about BLJ-10 waste pyrolysis plant. It belongs to small scale type which can process 8-10 tons of waste per day. After checking, he totally agreed with the worth of this machine. The following image showed the checking process.

Waste Pyrolysis Machine

Nigerian Customer Checked Pyrolysis Plant

Nigerian customer came Beston Group to check his ordered machine. He bought BLJ-16 pyrolysis machine to dispose oil sludge in his country. He planed to deal with 15-20 tons of oil sludge. BLJ-16 was suitable for his demand. He showed that oil sludge was difficult to handle in Nigeria. This machine would make benefits from oil sludge for him. After …

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