Plastic Pyrolysis

What is Plastic Pyrolysis

Plastic pyrolysis introduces a new technology for the treatment of waste plastic. Plastic is a convenient and inexpensive product. It has an extremely short lifecycle and can persist for hundreds of years without decomposing. Most plastic ends up in landfills or is discarded. These ways cause severe pollution to land and water bodies and posing a threat to human health. …

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What is Biochar Used For

What is Biochar Used For

Biochar is a substance similar to charcoal. It possesses a rich and stable carbon content as well as a well-developed porous structure. Now, biochar has become an essential component in agriculture and environmental protection. Firstly, it can help enhance agricultural yield and quality. Secondly, it can contribute to addressing climate change. Therefore, the potential of biochar in the agricultural and …

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What are Coconut Shell Charcoal Uses?

Coconut shells can be processed into coconut shell charcoal by pyrolysis technology. Coconut husks don’t have many uses by themselves. Usually, coconut shells are thrown away as trash. However, when coconut shells are processed into coconut charcoal or coconut shell biochar, it has a wide range of uses and economic benefits in various industries. What is Coconut Shell Charcoal? Coconut …

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Waste Pyrolysis is a Sustainable Way of Ecological Preservation And Financial Incresaing

Is Pyrolysis Profitable?

Pyrolysis is a technology that is used to process waste. Choosing suitable pyrolysis technology not only helps to reduce waste but also generates new resources. Then investors will benefit from the final products. Pyrolysis will bring benefits to investors. Let’s see why. What is Pyrolysis? Pyrolysis is a process in which waste is treated in a closed environment at high …

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Use Biochar in Agriculture

Use Biochar in Agriculture

Biochar in the agriculture field plays an important role in soil, water, nutrients, carbon dioxide emissions, crop harvest, etc. Usually, people make biochar by way of traditional kiln and pyrolysis. Each of these approaches has pros and cons. The mass of the final biochar is different. If you want to apply biochar in agriculture, please choose a suitable way to …

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Biochar Used for Carbon Sink in the United States

Biochar Used for Carbon Sequestration in the United States

Biochar used for carbon sequestration in the United States is a promising solution to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the impact of climate change. Biochar is a form of charcoal that is produced from biomass such as wood chips, agricultural waste, and other organic materials. The biochar carbon capture process involves heating the biomass in the absence of oxygen, …

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Oil Contaminated Soil Remediation Solution

Oil contaminated soil/oil sludge could be remediated by a green way. Oil sludge/oil soil is an important solid waste generated by the petroleum industry. If these wastes are left untreated for a long time, they will pollute the bottom of the soil. Now, to remediate these oily soils, Beston offers a suitable solution. This solution can restore oil-containing soil/sludge to …

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Biomass Charcoal as Fuel Alternative for Industries

Biochar is an alternative fuel option. More and more investors are starting to produce and sell biochar. This biochar is now being used in many fields. Moreover, it is economical and has a high calorific value. If you are wondering why you choose biochar as an alternative fuel or what is a fuel alternative, you can read below. Trends in …

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Soil Remediation and Improvement Solution

Soil Remediation and Improvement Solution

Soil remediation is the removal of contaminants from soil so that the soil can be used for specific requirements. Now the soil is polluted by different factors and different degrees, such as multiple farming, industrial pollution, mining pollution and so on. These contaminated or poor soils require specific methods to improve soil quality and reduce soil contamination. This article will …

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Carbon Sequestration and-Emission Reduction Solution

Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction Solution

Carbon sequestration and emission reduction is now important issue for all countries. People are exploring various ways to increase carbon sequestration and reduce carbon emissions. Through some carbon sequestration methods, the purpose of reducing carbon emissions can be achieved. Here, we will introduce carbon sequestration and carbon emissions in detail. What is Carbon Sequestration and Emission Reduction? Carbon sequestration and …

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