Automatic Egg Tray Making Machine

How to Make Egg Tray from Waste Paper

How to make paper egg trays from waste paper at home? Make some preparation works before egg tray making business. Firstly, get enough raw materials ready – paper waste. Secondly, search for a suitable equipment. Thirdly, land space required. Then, see the production description. the production process is divided into pulping, molding, and drying process. What Steps and Processes Are … Read more…

Coconut Shell & Coconut Shell Charcoal

How to Make Coconut Shell Charcoal

What to Do with Coconut Shells There are many ways to reuse coconut shells, for example, fertilizer, handicrafts, seeding pot. These ways are used in a small number of coconut shells. If you wanna largely recycle coconut shells and make considerable benefits, making charcoal from coconut shells is a suitable way. Can You Burn Coconut Shells? Actually, it is not … Read more…