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BST-50 Beston Charcoal Making Machine Run in Iran in 2023

Here’s some good news to share with everyone. Beston Group has assisted a customer in Iran in completing the installation of BST-50 continuous charcoal making machine. Currently, this project has been successfully installed. After successful installation, this equipment will be used to process 10-15m³ of straw per hour. Take a look at the installation progress of this project.

BST-50 Beston Charcoal Making Machine Run in Iran in 2023

This customer was in search of a suitable method to handle agricultural waste. Consequently, he discovered the pyrolysis technology. This method converts agricultural waste into biomass charcoal under high-temperature anaerobic conditions. If this customer has specific requirements for the final biomass charcoal, the equipment operating parameters and temperature can be adjusted to produce the desired biomass charcoal.

The customer opted for the standard BST-50 along with a drying system. The drying system assists this customer in reducing the moisture content of straw to below 15%. Please take a look at the installation pictures of straw charcoal making machine.

BST-50 Beston Charcoal Making Machine Run in Iran in 2023

Agriculture Waste to Charcoal Method

There are various methods in the market for handling agricultural waste, such as composting, incineration, landfilling, and so on. These methods do not make optimal use of these resources and can result in greenhouse gas emissions. An effective and environmentally friendly method for utilizing agricultural waste is crucial for this industry.

Pyrolysis transforms this biomass into high-quality biomass charcoal. Moreover, the entire process is temperature-controlled, and emissions are regulated. Therefore, it is a highly suitable method for treating agricultural waste. Not only does this method reduce agricultural waste, but it also sequesters carbon dioxide from the agricultural waste. This is highly beneficial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Agriculture Waste to Charcoal Method - Biomass Pyrolysis

When making biochar pyrolysis solution, we should consider various factors such as raw materials, applications for biomass charcoal, factory planning, environmental requirements, and so on. Beston Group is a manufacturer and solution provider with over a decade of experience. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. If you have any requirements, please leave your information.

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