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Empty Fruit Bunches to Biochar Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2023

A BST-10 palm empty fruit bunch to biochar machine was installed in Indonesia in 2023. This equipment is used for the resource utilization of waste palm empty fruit bunches. Beston engineers provided full guidance throughout the installation process, which went smoothly. Please take a look at the installation site.

BST-10 Palm Empty Fruit Bunches to Charcoal Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2023
BST-10 Palm Empty Fruit Bunches to Charcoal Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2023

BST-10 Palm Empty Fruit Bunches to Biochar Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2023

This Indonesian customer has abundant sources of raw materials. He intends to turn these waste resources into valuable products. Therefore, this customer purchased this biochar machine to produce biomass biochar from empty fruit bunches. Please see the project details:

  • Raw materials: Empty fruit bunches; Moisture <35%; Size <20mm.
  • Equipment configuration: BST-10 EFB biochar machine & dryer.
  • Application of biomass charcoal: Soil improvement.

BST-10 Palm Empty Fruit Bunch to Charcoal Machine Installed in Indonesia in 2023

Rich Resources in Indonesia for Pyrolysis

In Indonesia, there is a significant amount of waste biomass. This biomass contains high levels of lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose. After the decomposition process, this biomass yields a high concentration of carbon elements. This can contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and storing carbon dioxide. The pyrolysis of biomas is an efficient way to reduce biomass waste. In Indonesia, the main types of biomass include:

  • Empty fruit bunches of palm
  • Palm fibers
  • Palm shells
  • Coconut shells
  • Elephant grass
  • And so on.

Using pyrolysis technology to process these biomasses is not only a method of reducing their volume but also a way of converting them into valuable resources and energy.

Biomass biochar can be utilized to enhance soil quality in agriculture. This biochar is derived from biomass and returns to biomass. This creates a closed-loop recycling solution.

Furthermore, it can serve as a substitute for traditional fossil fuels as a source of energy. With high calorific value and a long burning time, it stands as a clean and renewable energy source.

Palm Empty Fruit Bunches to Charcoal

Beston Group offers a comprehensive biomass to charcoal solution, including biomass to charcoal, charcoal briquette making, bio-gas recycling, emission gas cleaning, etc. If you have plan for this solution, leave your detailed inoformation to us now!

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