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BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Machine Arrived in Japan in 2023

A set of BLJ-3 Beston portable pyrolysis machine arrived in Japan in 2023. After a one-month cycle, the customer received the machine. The customer was pleased after seeing the machine. After unloading the goods, he started to install them. Bestonengineers will go to the site to guide the installation. Please see the details.

BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Unit Arrived in Japan in 2023

BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Machine Arrived in Japan in 2023

This customer arranged to receive the machine when this set of mobile pyrolysis machine arrived at the local port. As you can see from the pictures, this device is shipped and installed in a modular design. When it is shipped, it is generally packed in a container with a specification of 1*40HQ. So customers don’t have to worry about inconvenient loading or high cost. The customer received the shipment at the dock. After transporting it back to your own site, you can start to install it.

BLJ-3 Portable Waste Pyrolysis Plant Arrived in Japan in 2023

BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Plant is the Choice of Small-scale Pyrolysis Business

So far, many customers chose BLJ-3 Beston skid-mounted pyrolysis unite, including the Philippines, South Africa, Kosovo, Bangladesh, Argentina, Oman, Spain, Paraguay, Australia, Mauritania, and so on. There are some reasons for choosing this type of machine.

  • This machine has a modular design. It is easy to be transported and installed for customers.
  • It occupies small land. The small occupied land and modular design make it easy to be moved to other areas when customers wanna change their working places.
  • This type has a simple structure. It is easy to be operated by workers.
  • Although it has a simple structure, it has comprehensive systems, including a de-dusting system to process emission smoke.

BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Machine Arrived in Japan in 2023

BLJ-3 Portable Pyrolysis Reactor Arrived in Japan in 2023
BLJ-3 Portable Waste Pyrolysis Machine Arrived in Japan in 2023

The skid-mounted type is popular. Beston also provide other types, including batch type, semi-continuous type and fully continuous pyrolysis type. If you wanna know more information about thsese machines, leave your requirement to Beston Group. Beston Group provides professional documents and pyrolysis solutions to customers!

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