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Beston Thermal Desorption Unit Machine Completes Installation in 2023

Here is good news for you. A set of BLJ-16 batch thermal desorption unit has been successfully installed in 2023. This equipment will be used to process the oil sludge extracted from the oil mining. The final product, pyrolysis oil, will be sold. Please see how this equipment is installed.

BLJ-16 Beston Thermal Desorption Unit Installed in 2023

This thermal desoprtion plant could process 12-16 tons of oil sludge per day. The oil sludge comes from oil mining. This customer has a stable source of raw materials. This customer hopes to reduce pollution by processing these oil sludges. And he can also make a profit from this business. After the installation was completed, this customer was very satisfied with the equipment.

Oil Sludge Treatment in Middle East

Middle East’s oil reserves rank ninth in the world. This country is rich in oil. When oil is extracted, parts of the land become contaminated with oil. Therefore, the contaminated soil will be called oil sludge. If these oil sludges are treated promptly, they will not pollute the environment. This TDU can handle oil sludge very well. This equipment is also suitable for other oil-rich countries, such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Nigeria, etc. If you are not interested in this machine, please contact us as soon as possible.

When this equipment handles oil sludge, the flue gas will be discharged after being processed by the system to meet the standards. Therefore, the whole process is basically pollution-free to the environment. If your country has high requirements for flue gas emissions, then we can provide customized flue gas treatment systems to meet your needs.


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This oil sludge pyrolysis equipment can not only handle oil sludge but also drilling cuttings, bottom oil sludge, etc. Depending on the density of the raw materials, the quality of the final product pyrolysis oil is also different. You can first send the raw materials to be processed to Beston Group. Then Beston Group can provide you with a professional sample report for your reference. If you choose Beston Group, we also provide a series of technical support services.

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