Biomass Pellet Making Machine

Biomass pellet making machine uses different biomass waste to make 6-16mm fuel pellets. Because of the eco-friendly requirement, biomass pellets have become good choice instead of diesel or coal. Beston machines are made of high-quality materials. They have a long service time. Look the machine shipped to Thailand and America.

Biomass Pellet Making Machine for Sale – Four Models

Biomass Pellet Making Machine in the US
Biomass Pellet Making Machine in the US
Biomass Pellet Mill in Thailand
Beston Biomass Pellet Mill in Thailand

Biomass Waste and Biomass Pellets Made by Biomass Fuel Pellet Machine

Biomass Waste and Biomass Pellets

Why View Beston Biomass Pellet Making Machine as Good Option

1. Ring Die Mould – Suitable for All Kinds of Biomass Waste

Beston pellet mill employs ring die mold. It is suitable to make pellets from all kinds of biomass. Mould adopts 20CrMoTi, which has good resistance and strength. Moreover, two sides of mould can be used to make pellets. It decreases the processing cost.

Ring Die in Biomass Pellet Plants

2. Lubrication System – Timing and Quantitative

Beston biomass pellet plant adopts automatic lubrication system. The simple timing and quantitative design can help to save manual cost for investors. When you choose Beston pellet mill, you can save management cost and time.

3. Feeding & Discharging – Automatic & Even

The feeding and discharging system are automatic and enclosed. Feeding process is even. In the discharging process, pellets broke automatically. This step guarantees pellet forming rate.

4. Automatic Integration System – Simple Operation

PLC and dedusting system are integrated with biomass pellet maker. The operation is easy. And it is free-maintenance. Accordingly, its further maintenance cost is low.

5. Efficient Layout Design – Two Pellets with One Feeder

The two pellets with one feeder improve efficiency and save labor cost. Two pellets can work at the same time. Besides, they also can work separatly.

Beston Biomass Pellet Machine
Beston Biomass Pellet Machine – Two Makers with One Feeder

Parameters of Biomass Pelletizer for Sale

Model Capacity T/H Power(KW) Ring Die Diameter(mm) Pellet Machine(mm) Jiaolong Silo(mm) Conveyor(mm) Dust Removal(mm)

1—1.5 75KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
1.5—2 90KW 450 2850*1100*2000 2200*800*1100 7000*500 φ750*2600
2—2.5 110KW 576 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
2.5—3 132KW 596 3200*1300*2500 2600*850*1300 8000*500 φ750*2600
Beston Biomass Pellet Plant for Sale
Beston Biomass Pellet Plant for Sale
Biomass Pellet Maker
Biomass Pellet Maker
Biomass Pellet Making Machine for Sale
Biomass Pellet Making Machine for Sale – Four Models

How to Get Biomass Pellet Machine Price

When you wanna know the total price for setting up at a high investing ratio, take the following factors into consideration.

1.Tell Beston How Much Pellets You Plan to Produce Per Day

Tell us what capacity you need or how many raw materials you plan to process per day. We will offer good recommendations according to your need. There are four models of wood pellet makers for you to see.

2.Demand for Related Equipment to Improve Pellet Quality or Efficiency

Use the crushing machine and drying machine to process raw materials. This step makes pellet quality better. The cooling machine and packing machine help customers shorten the delivery time and reduce labor costs.

Beston Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale

Choose 10+years Biomass Pellet Machine Manufacturer – Beston

1. 10+ Years Experience

Beston Group has more than 10 years of experience. We have our own manufacturing factory and have good reputation. We offer factory price for customers. Accordingly, it has cost-effective. Welcome you to visit Beston factory!

2. High Quality Guarantee

As a manufacturer, Beston always chooses good materials to make its service life longer and its efficiency better. Beston biomass pellet mill for sale uses Q235B steel as main materials. It has good corrosion resistance tolerance performance.

Parts Features
Feeding Conveyor Length: 6m; contain frequency Converter
Jiaolong Silo
PLC Include variable frequency starting
Dust Collector Dust removal for the Jiaolong silo and pellet machine

Biomass Fuel Pellet Machine Parts

3. Customer-oriented Service for Beston Fuel Pellet Machine

1. Send your demand to us. We can offer you with cost-efficient layout plan for free.
2. Sample test for free.
3. 12-month guarantee.
4. Online installment guidance.
5. Deliver machines in 20-50 working days.

Beston Service

Biomass Pellet Machine Video – Working Process

FAQs of Beston Biomass Pellet Plants

  • What is the requirement for biomass moisture? Below 105.
  • What is the requirement for biomass size? Below 5mm.
  • What is the energy? Electricity. It is more eco-friendly than diesel or coal.
  • What is the relationship between mould diameter and capacity? When using the same machine and the same raw materials, the larger the diameter is, the higher the production yield is.
  • What size of the cabinet can keep in a biomass pellet making mill? For BKL-10 and BKL-20, a small-scale cabinet is enough. For BKL-25 and BKL-30, a large-scale cabinet is required.

Biomass pellet machine for sale presses different biomass waste to biomass fuel pellets. It has high efficiency. Moreover, the final products have good quality which is even and smooth. Contact us to know the latest price list.

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