Beston Group and Corsair Group Form a Strategic Partnership

Recently, Beston Group and Corsair Group has formed a long-term strategic partnership. Beston Group is an industry-leading manufacturer of pyrolysis plant. Corsair Group is a rapidly growing plastic waste recycling company. Both parties will work together to solve the global plastic recycling crisis. In the early stage of the joint projects, Beston Group will ship and install 10 sets of plastic pyrolysis plants to Corsair Group’s production site in Finland.

Background and Significance of Strategic Partnership

The global plastic pollution problem is becoming increasingly serious, and the harm of plastic waste to the environment has attracted widespread attention. Through this collaboration, Beston Group and Corsair Group hope to set new standards in plastic recycling. Beston Group’s pyrolysis equipment efficiently converts plastic waste into fuel and other useful resources. Meanwhile, Corsair Group has extensive experience in reducing waste plastic footprints. The two companies will join forces to advance the goal of becoming plastic neutral.

Beston and Corsair Form a Strategic Partnership to Solve Plastic Recycling Crisis

What is Plastic Neutral?

Plastic Neutral refers to offsetting the environmental impact caused by the production and use of plastics through various methods. Finally, recyclers achieve zero growth in plastic waste. Specifically, plastics are processed through various technologies and recycling equipment. Thereby, recyclers ensure that the amount of plastic waste processed is equal to or even exceeds the amount of plastic products produced and consumed. By achieving this goal, the environmental burden of plastics can be significantly reduced. At present, plastic to oil machine is the mainstream equipment to achieve the goal of Plastic Neutral.

Achieve the Goal of Plastic Neutral

Expected Results of Partnership

The 10 sets of Beston plastic pyrolysis equipment are expected to process thousands of tons of plastic waste every year. This will not only reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste, but also provide sustainable resource support for Corsair Group’s long-term development. This cooperation is not only the supply and installation of equipment, but also involves technical support, staff training and long-term technical cooperation. Beston Group and Corsair Group plan to carry out further projects in the future. Both parties will commit to the R&D of new plastic recycling technologies and application scenarios.

Beston Group and Corsair Group Form a Strategic Partnership

Future Outlook

The partnership between Beston Group and Corsair Group marks an important step for both companies in the field of environmental protection. We believe that with the unremitting efforts of both parties, it will have a positive impact on the global plastic recycling industry. We will drive towards a greener, more sustainable future. Likewise, if you also want to contribute to the goal of plastic neutral, please contact us.

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